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Classification of stainless steel invisible manhole covers and how to choose
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Classification of stainless steel invisible manhole covers and how to choose

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Nowadays, manhole covers are widely used in urban streets and have played an important role. On the one hand, they ensure the normal passage of people, and on the other hand, they also play a decorative role on urban roads. Therefore, the choice of manhole covers is very important. In recent years, people swallowing accidents caused by damaged or missing manhole covers have a great hidden danger. Therefore, it is urgent to solve this hidden danger. Many urban projects have adopted stainless steel invisible manhole covers.

Stainless steel invisible manhole cover is a manhole cover product made of high-strength stainless steel plate as the base material, bottom angle steel reinforced, cut, folded plate, and a full set of argon-fluorine welding processes. The product has a beautiful and exquisite appearance and high carrying capacity. It is produced in strict accordance with national standards. The internal quality of the product is stable and reliable for a long time and has a long service life. Product specifications can be arbitrarily designed and customized according to the surrounding environmental specifications, and the product quality meets the design and standard requirements. It is widely used in various places such as municipal roads, motor vehicle lanes, urban sidewalks, garden facilities, residential quarters, schools, stadiums, lawns and flower ponds. Stainless steel manhole covers are also subdivided into square stainless steel invisible manhole covers, round stainless steel invisible manhole covers, stainless steel decorative manhole covers, stainless steel paved multi-open manhole covers and custom manhole covers.

Following factors should be considered when choosing stainless steel invisible manhole cover:

Firstly, choose different shapes and patterns according to the characteristics of different installation environments and taking into account the aesthetics of the overall road. If there are special circumstances, you can also choose a custom stainless steel invisible manhole cover, which not only ensures the overall safety, but also beautifies the city. the way.

Secondly, in order to ensure safety and service life, a better material should be selected when selecting a manhole cover. If you choose a composite manhole cover, you must choose a manhole cover that is consistent with the bearing level. And have to choose corrosion-resistant materials for installation and application, pay attention to the quality of the overall product, and choose products with high toughness and high bearing capacity.

The stainless steel invisible manhole cover fully meets the requirements of these two aspects and achieves a combination of beauty and safety.


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