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Features of Ductile iron manhole cover
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Features of Ductile iron manhole cover

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Ductile iron manhole cover is mainly made of Ductile iron. The quality of this manhole cover involves the problem of spheroidization rate. The commonly used paint for castings is anti-rust asphalt paint. Of course, the surface of the ductile iron manhole cover is also sprayed with anti-rust asphalt paint. Ductile iron manhole covers have a great advantage, that is, due to the high strength and toughness of ductile iron, the ductile iron manhole covers are about 30% lighter than the same type of gray cast iron manhole covers.

Features of ductile iron manhole cover:

1. Good toughness. The impact value is similar to that of medium carbon steel, more than 10 times that of gray iron.

2. Strong corrosion resistance. In the water spray corrosion test, the corrosion amount in 90 days is only 1/40 of that of steel pipes and 1/10 of that of gray iron pipes. The service life is twice that of gray iron pipes and 5 times that of ordinary steel pipes.

3. Good plasticity. The elongation rate is ≥7%, which is similar to that of high-carbon steel, while the elongation rate of gray iron materials is zero.

4. High strength. Tensile strength ób≥420MPa, yield strength ós≥300MPa, which is the same as low-carbon steel and three times that of gray iron materials. The strength of ductile iron is comparable to that of cast steel. ductile iron has a higher yield strength, with a minimum yield strength of 40k, while the yield strength of cast steel is only 36k. In most municipal applications, such as water, salt water, steam, etc., the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of ductile iron exceed those of cast steel. The main application areas of ductile iron manhole cover: municipal roads, highways, communications, electricity, tap water, communities, schools and other parks

5. Better anti-theft and safety performance. The tensile strength and pressure resistance of ductile iron manhole covers are similar to steel, so it is also called cast steel. Compared with traditional gray cast iron, its elongation is greatly improved, it has good toughness, is not easy to break, and has better anti-theft performance than ordinary cast iron manhole covers, and the overall performance is greater and better than ordinary cast iron manhole covers.

6. Low Noice. Due to the patented structure to prevent noise, there is no sound when the manhole cover passes by, and it no longer disturbs the people.


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